Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cycle and Recycle

Cycle and Recycle, its not only the words that are rhyming, but they also have very similar and important benefits. Next time, you throw those papers and plastic bottles in trash bin, make sure that it ends up in a recycling center and not anywhere else. And while you are at it, make sure you cycle your way to the recycle center, and save some oil too.

So, apart from the obvious benefits of saving oil by cycling and saving environment and paper trees by recycling, you have other benefits too. Here is what all you do while you cycle and recycle.

Benefits of cycling:
1. Health: You have a cycle at your gym, don't you? Well, get real and pedal that on real roads, it's much more fun that way !
2. Save oil: Now if you were not traveling on a cycle, and was rather on a car, you would have wasted gallons of fuel on running that ! You not only save oil for our future generation, but also...
3. ...Save money: Fuel always burns a hole in your pocket, you save a lot now !
4. Pollution: Did you see that exhaust at the rear of your car, now try to figure out that on your bicycle !
5. Less accidents: And yes, you are much more safer out there on the roads with your cycles than you are in those hi speed things !

How does that sounds with benefits of recycling ?

Benefits of Recycling:
1. Save trees: Every time you give paper for recycling, you save a tree !
2. Money: Send your stuff for recycle, make some money
3. Your carbon footprint: You burn a fresh paper, you produce more carbon dioxide than what you produce while burning a recycled one !

So, next time you have some garbage collected for recycling, go cycle all the way to that recycling center !

Have a green day !

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Akhil said...

The article is nice but I think what we lack is inspiration to take the initiative to start riding bicycles. I know of many times when I go back home and tell some of my relatives that we use cycles at the campus, they make me feel embarassed because in local colleges people are used to bikes and cars and anything below this level is considered pathetic. We need to be inspired that no matter what other's think we have to come forward and take initiatives to keep our earth clean and green.