Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Black Out Day on August 15, 2008

Exactly 30 days from today, people across the world will be united for a common cause of presenting a green planet to the future generations. We all understand the need of actions for this cause, but when it comes to doing something, most of us have no clue of the importance of our tiny steps. Green 1.0 is born for this reason only, to tell individuals that their small steps are not only invaluable, but also very necessary without which, we cannot reach anywhere near our aim of a green world.

Through Green 1.0, we encourage individuals to pledge that they will keep their electrical appliances turned off at 2000 hrs local time on August 15, 2008. We are calling it the Black Out Day.

We hope that every well-wisher of of our Mother Earth will help us raising more pledges for the cause encouraging their friends and participating in spreading the word. Lets do it before its too late !

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